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PT Aneka Pompa Teknik Perkasa - Integrated Pumping Solution

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PT Aneka Pompa Teknik Perkasa - Integrated Pumping Solution
PT Aneka Pompa Teknik Perkasa - Integrated Pumping Solution
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Name:Mr. Erich Ponidy [Marketing]
Instant Messaging:
Y!: anekapompa@yahoo.com Y!: anekapompa
Mobile Number:+62 31 5479962
Phone Number:+62 31 5465065
Fax Number:+62 31 5465057
Address:Jalan Semarang 74
Surabaya 60173, Jawa Timur
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Registration Date:Mar. 29, 2006
Last Updated:Dec. 10, 2015
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Industrial Supplies category

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Company Brief

Aneka Pompa provides all your pump needs; from water circulation in the production process, water supply system for building ( booster system) , deep-well pump, hydrant pump to swimming pool pump complete with the filtration system.

Aneka Pompa also provides pump for other kinds of liquid used in production process like glue and oil, sulfate and chloride acid, cooking oil and food.

Available brands:
- Ebara
- Sanso chemical Pump
- Grundfos
- Oriental Koshin gear pump
- Torishima
- Sihi
- Espa
- Hayward
- Allweiler
- Emaux
- Sanchin
and many more

Types of pump we provide:
- Centrifugal Pump
- Deep-well Submersible Pump
- Self-priming Pump
- Vortex Submersible Pump
- Horizontal & Vertical Multi-stage Pump
- Chemical Pump
- Mono-bloc Pump
and many more

Aneka Pompa also provides many accessories like:
- Pump Control Panel
- Mechanical Seal
- Gland Packing
- Water Level Control
- Pressure Tank
- Foot Valve/ Gate Valve
- Pressure Gauge
- Pressure Control
and many more

Kindly check our product catalog to have a picture of our products or contact Aneka Pompa for detailed information at

Email: anekapompateknikperkasa@ gmail.com
Telp: + 62 31 5465065 / + 62 31 5479962
Fax: + 62 31 5465057

Major Products / Services
  • Pompa Industri
    Melayani pembelian pompa Industri mulai jenis Centrifugal (keong), pompa sumur dalam (Deep Well Submersible Pump), Gear Pump, pompa celup air dangkal, pompa sawah dan tambak (lumpur).

    Tersedia pula berbagai akesories pipa seperti valve, pressure tank, flow meter, pressure gauge, gate valve dan berbagai aksesories lainnya.
    melayani pembelian baik pompa saja maupun lengkap terpasang dengan elektromotor maupun engine dan Panel.

    Info lengkap mengenai produk silahkan lihat katalog produk di pilihan samping kiri.

    Melayani perakitan dan pemasangan booster pump untuk hotel dan apartment serta gedung gedung perkantoran.

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